Crypto Currencies At Bit Markets,

BIT MARKETS is a pioneer of the crypto currency trading markets started its operations in 2016. Our goal is to create a trustworthy and safe trading environment to trade and profit from the growing Bitcoin and alt-coin markets.  BIT MARKETS is a turn key solution for all traders regardless of experience and background to learn the ABCs of Crypto trading and generate returns.

Located in the City of London, BIT MARKETS  employs more than 150 brokers and account analysts recruited from elite universities from 20 countries over 3 continents who specialise in crypto analysis and trading. While our staff prides itself with thorough understand of the stock and commodities sector, BIT MARKET believes digital currencies is the future of commerce and should be treated as such relying almost solely on trading in this markets.


BIT MARKETS’ trading team is led by the following key figures:

Andrew Jones

Head of Market Trading Operations

Mr Jones is a veteran of the CFD and Forex operations with Renowned institutions such as J.P Morgan Chase and Citi Bank. Andrew joined Bit The Bank in 2016 heading its digtal coins division and market trading operations. Mr. Jones’ ability to unveils digital coin trends is second to non, and serves as the backbone of Bit The Bank’s winning trading operations.

Sean Edwards

Head of Analysis, Risk and ICO integrations

Mr Edwards is one of the founders of Bit The Bank. Elliott’s vision of creating a unique platform that combines automatic and manual trading tools as well as complete training, is at the core of Bit The Bank’s values. Elliott’s unique analysis methods produce trading signals and ICO recommendations with over 85% accuracy.




U.K:                     +44 20 35147436




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